Building a Third Post in 90-ish Seconds

I know that SO many of you have been waiting for another video, right? Well, I managed to film another one of these, so here it is. For the first time in a little while, we return to a part of the seminar/conference room.

People often ask me if I have things pre-built, or whether I always make everything from scratch. The only room I have built and set aside is LGS's office. However, as you can see here, I do have bookshelves and books saved up. I use them frequently enough, and they are compact enough, to keep around. To rebuild this room, I look back on my old posts to remind myself of the dimensions of the space. This would be a lot easier if I made a blueprint or took some picture as a guide, but that hasn't happened yet. I like to live on the edge.

This took about two hours to make. And yes, that is a Beamer slide. I agree with some people who have commented elsewhere that the default Beamer template is ugly, so it's questionable just how "unequivocally fantastic" of a job talk this could be. But what matters is that you recognized it was a Beamer slide, so my mission is accomplished.