Building Another Post in Two Minutes

Let's get one thing immediately out of the way: This video is a mess. The first 35 seconds or so of this video are out of focus. I actually failed to record about 25 minutes of building time when I tried putting down white floor molding and then pulled it off. 

But if you're willing to forgive these shortcomings, then you can spend a couple minutes watching me put together the "Leading" build.

This time, the video is sped up by 7000%. This took a lot longer to put together than last week's build. Last week took less than an hour. This one took closer to three. You can also see that this took more than one day to put together, as the lighting changes from a lamp to natural sunlight. 

There are two reasons this took more time to make. First, it's literally just a larger build with more pieces. Second, this lecture room I made was not based on anything in real life. Last week's post reflects a very real location in my life, and having that reference makes it easier to build something quickly. The process is much slower and involves more trial-and-error when I'm making a scene without any real reference like this one. I do look at images online for inspiration, but that's different from having a single image that does everything.

Random comments:

  • The semi-built object on the bottom-left corner of the frame is the Assembly Square set, which I have slowly torn apart over time. (I never felt like sitting down to disassemble an object with 4,000+ pieces, so I've just done it gradually as I wanted to use pieces.)
  • I did tiered seating just because I just wanted to do something more interesting. And it would help with visibility of all the students in the picture.  
  • Near the end of the video, you can see that I replaced the colorful assortment of "books" on the tables with the same bright green "books." I belatedly realized that using the same color would give a much stronger idea that everyone had and did the same reading, which was the point of the post. 
  • I chose to put LGS out of focus because he's clearly lost with respect to the reading. Deep stuff, I know.