Building a Post in One Minute

Something new for the site: Enjoy seeing my hands move at about 5000% speed!

I can't guarantee I'll do this for every build, but I tried filming the process of making today's post! I have to admit, it felt weird to build with a camera on. I didn't quite move things the same way I would if left alone. Maybe I'll get more comfortable with it if I keep doing it. I also would need to get a camera that's able to film more than 20 minutes at a time so that I'm not constantly meandering back and forth to check the remaining time.

But in any case, here it is! I hope it doesn't diminish your impressions of the final image/post.

A quick view of the building process for "Roaming."

Roaming by a cluster of first-years that are too young to know him, the grad student is pelted by quietly judgmental glances.