The site is open. And there's no need for it.

Here it is--the website that nobody was waiting for.

In many ways, there is no practical need for this website. All my other social media accounts do everything just fine, and it is highly unlikely that people would regularly visit this page instead of one of the social media pages that are so much easier to visit. 

If I'm honest, two things motivated my choice to make this site anyway. First, procrastination. Second, maybe I can think of something more interesting to do with this site that isn't as easy or possible elsewhere. I don't know what those things would be, but I refer you back to my first reason for making this site.

So welcome to this page. I'm glad to hear your suggestions about things you think I could do here, so feel free to leave a comment. (No guarantees I'll do any of it or that this site will last, but I appreciate your interest in any case.)